These days, I am paying a lot of attention to cats living in school.


Undergraduate Commencement :)

I had an amazing experience here, in Korea University. Got many things done & met so many people !!

One of the student council events, 2015

After the match

Korea Uni. v.s. Yonsei Uni.

During experiments on electronic circuit, 2019


Traveled to New Zealand in remembrance of my childhood.

I stayed there for 5 weeks and traveled all over the country. Now I wish I could go there again sometime ^^

Abel Tasman Trekking - definitely the best experience !!

Proudly finished my four-day journey safely. The time spent solely in nature was by far the best.

Stars, the galaxy,

which are unimaginable in Seoul

Kerikeri in New Zealand

me, when living in New Zealand, 2003

When I was in school, I loved playing chess and netball.

I was pretty good at chess and won several competitions.


flying back to Korea, 2019


I was so into CrossFit that I worked as a manager during my summer vacation.

I participated as a member of KUISA (Korea University International Student Assistant), a voluntary buddy program, assisting international and overseas Korean students with their academic life and life overall in Korea. Through this activity, I engaged in a wide connection of international students and built a solid relationship with the foreign students by helping them adjust to Korea for their academic lives.

I learned golf again after a very long time since I first learned it in New Zealand when I was little. It was so much fun!

If there's any chance, I would like to keep learning golf until I could go on the field.

Golf field in our school

Me playing mini golf in Hanmer Springs, NZ.


Family Trip to Italy & France

It was our first time visiting Europe.

Grateful for having such wonderful experience!

Rome, Italy

Positano, Italy

Florence, Italy

Positano, Italy


Sainte Chapelle, Paris

Mont Saint-Michel, Normandie

Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Pari

Eiffel Tower, Paris


I served as a representative of female students in the College of Engineering by organizing the Women's Engineering Day hosted by the College of Engineering.

Members of the student council of the Electrical Engineering department