About me

With SPAI Lab. members and professor, 2020

I am currently in the Department of Cybersecurity advised by professor Ji Won Yoon who finished his Ph.D. at Cambrige University, UK.

I truly respect my professor who loves his research. I am grateful to him for always supporting me, both academically and personally. He taught me many things including how to enjoy researching. His motto became my motto as well.

Be honest with what you do well and don't do well

Thanks to the admirable people around me, including my parents, I'm really enjoying my research now.

Outside of academics

I like traveling abroad and taking photos there, especially natural landscapes. In my spare time, I play computer games, watch comics, read books, jog, and go to the gym. But recently, I couldn't stick to this routine because of Covid-19.

How I got into the field of information security

My previous undergraduate research focused on the technology that automatically identifies Deepfake videos. The motivation for the study was the incident that I was most shocked, three years ago – by a Deepfake video of Barack Obama; that the person in the video was not him, but it was an artificial fake that looked very much like him. I knew that, without a doubt, that one day it would be impossible to tell the difference from the original. I came to think these Deepfake created by artificially intelligent systems would be considered as a cross-borders livelihood-dependent threat because next time, I might not be able to tell the difference at all.

Out of pure curiosity and sincere concerns about this issue, I solely conducted the project and it became a trigger for me to enter the Cybersecurity department through the accelerated master's degree program, enabling undergraduate students to finish their master's degree one semester earlier than usual. My research interest was to protect people from being fooled by forgeries and prevent the spread of misinformation.