Hyekyung (Hannah) Han

Hi, I'm an M.S student at Korea University, working as a part of Signal Processing and Advance Intelligence Lab, advised by Prof. Ji Won Yoon. Previously, I received my Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering at Korea University, where I was fortunate to be a recipient of many scholarships.


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Research Interests

My research interests span many topics across Signal / Image Processing, Sensing, Machine Learning with the goal of creating new sensing systems to revolutionize urban life. I'm interested in developing new computational methods for a wide range of applications, especially for future mobilities and autonomous vehicles. My aim is to really help people relish the latest technologies by creating the technology that enables what now is only possible in science fiction into reality.

Publications (click the figures for brief introduction)

A Phase-based Approach for ENF Signal Extraction from Rolling Shutter Videos

Hyekyung Han, Youngbae Jeon, Baek-kyung Song, and Ji Won Yoon

IEEE Signal Processing Letters (IF 4.68) [pdf]

Manifold Learning-based Frequency Estimation for extracting ENF signal from digital video

Youngbae Jeon, Hyekyung Han, and Ji Won Yoon

accepted at International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR 2022) [pdf]

Comparison of various interpolation techniques to infer localization of audio files using ENF signals

Hyekyung Han, Kanghoon Lee, Youngbae Jeon and Ji Won Yoon

International Conference on Software Security and Assurance (ICSSA 2020)

received Best Paper Award [link]

publication [pdf]